Open Access Power Services & Consultancy (Power Sale or Purchase)

VPPL offer comprehensive range of services to all high tension (HT) consumers for arranging cheaper power under Intra state open access policy mechanism from all Renewable power projects such as Solar, Wind, Small Hydro Biomass and under Interstate/Intra Open access policy mechanism from Non Renewable (Conventional) power projects. Open Access allows consumers to purchase electricity directly from power generators. Our Open access power sale team covers all liasoning work with DISCOMS and all issues involving regarding Generation, distribution, transmission and sale or purchase of Power.

VPPL provides REC issuance services in state of Madhy-Pradesh
VPPL has crossed target of selling 100MW power generated from Wind & Solar in overall MP&MH

​Liasoning Expert for RE power Projects

VPPL having expertise to provide liasoning services for Commissioning of RE Power projects within time period. VPPL have been successfully commissioned more than 700 MW Wind and Solar grid connect projects along with all CEIG approvals, DISCOM approvals, GRID Connectivity permissions, SLDC Synchronization permission with Grid code. VPPL also provide the expert liasoning services for installation and commisioning of Telemetry and RTU systems for RE power projects.
Along with this VPPL provide expert liasoning services to all Roof top solar power project for CEIG and Net metering approvals.

Electrical Infrastructure Services (EIS)

Our technocrat team provides turnkey support in electrical infrastructure development in domestic, industrial and power projects. We have an “A” class Electrical License and undertake Electrical Infrastructure project in Industrial sector, Power project sector exclusively in Solar & Wind power project. We also undertake ABT, Telemetry and AMR compliance work for SLDC in turnkey basis for RE Power Projects and Open Access consumer.

VPPL have provided services in construction and Erection of 33KV DP Yard, 33/11KV Substation & lines, 132KV S/s Bay & 132KV Substation Civil & Erection Work all type of LT work etc.

Forecasting Of Renewable Energies

With cooperation with Enercast GmbH, Vedanjay Power provides forecasting services for Wind & Solar energy.We generate power forecasts and feed-in projections for the operators of solar power plants and electricity grids. is an online service for the generation of wind power forecasts for power plants and grid operators.

Power forecasts for wind power plants

Precise power forecasts

The energy sector has been revolutionised by of the addition of wind power plants over the past years. For operators of plants and grids, as well as for electricity traders who operate in this market, it is becoming increasingly important to have a forecast of wind power over the next few days.The online service offers precise forecasts for wind power. The system uses forecasts from European weather services, which are designed for the individual plant with the help of artificial neural networks. The results are robust power forecasts, which can be updated multiple times per day, according to demand. The addition of a plant’s real measurement data contributes to increases in the precision of the forecast.

Pre­cise fo­re­casts for solar electri­ci­ty

In recent years,electricity generation from photovoltaic plants has been booming worldwide. The increasing importance of PV generation confronts the operators of solar power plants, grid operators and direct marketers with new challenges. The online service, enercast, offers a power forecast that is precise to the hour, for up to 72 hours. The forecast is based on weather forecasts from various European weather services.

Precise extrapolation of the feed-in quantity

enercast determines the actual quantity of solar energy that is fed into the distribution and transmission grids. To do so, the system accesses measurement data from various reference plants and extrapolates those data to the total PV feed-in quantity for the respective grid. The precise feed-in quantities for plants without power measurements are calculated based on satellite-transmitted radiation data. Here, satellite-based information about the actual and individual levels of sun radiation in specific areas is considered.

Determination of target power capacity

enercast identifies power deficits in photovoltaic plants. Based on the measured energy yield, the operator can identify setbacks in the power curve and eliminate their sources. Consequently, is an effective tool for the supervision of the technical operability of a solar power plant.

Efficient & competitively priced

As a modern web application, doesn’t involve any sort of installation costs – the data is either delivered via web service or via e-mail. Therefore, the purchase of further hard or software is not necessary. The data is easily integrable into pre-existing IT landscapes and can be used in existing workflows. The forecasts and extrapolations of are provided in the formats that are required by the specific business processes.

Solar Roof Top Turnkey Solutions

VPPL brings in its years of experience in designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops. We recognize that open roof spaces on rooftops on buildings have an excellent potential in energy savings every year and the Net Metering policy in some state is in place. We can provide a complete turnkey service to provide a feasibility study, engineering, manage procurement and installation and commission the system to bring it online as quickly and efficiently as possible on BOOT /BOT basis.

We also offer our client custom designed solar systems to suit special requirements of aesthetic decoration or space. Special requirements could be solar canopies on roofs, covered parking spaces, covered walkways, bus shelters etc. Depending on the requirements VPPL can design and install both grid tied as well as stand-alone systems.

  • Grid Tie/Off Grid (0.10KW to 100KW)
  • Grid Ties/Off Grid / Hybrid Solution (0.10KW to 100KW )
  • Grid Tie/Off Grid with Battery Backup (0.10KW to 100KW)
  • Grid tie/off grid roof top solar power projects (100kW and above)

VPPL are offering following services for procuring power from Rooftop Solar power projects under Net Metering Policy (located on rooftop or freehold space in campus):


For clients willing to set-up self funded/owned Solar PV system on their own roofs


For clients with limitation of Capital Expenditure, but willing to rent their roof/permit a third party to operate their funded/owned system, and deliver discounted power to rooftop owner &/or grid.

Operations & Maintenance Of Projects

Our highly skilled team provides Operation & Maintenance for both Solar and Wind projects which includes preventive, corrective & predictive maintenance.

Solar O&M Services

  • Preventive, Corrective & Predictive Maintenance.
  • Onsite & Remote SCADA Monitoring & Reporting.
  • Modules Cleaning & Vegetation Abatement Facility Management.
  • Health Analysis.
  • Onsite Security.
  • Vendor Warranty Coordination.
  • Guarantees (PR / availability, response times).
  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Panel cleaning.
    • Vegetation Management.
    • DC & AC electrical system testing.
    • Mechanical inspections.
    • IV Curve Testing.
    • Sensor Calibration.
    • Diagnose faults through data mining.
    • Documentation of events.
  • Corrective Maintenance(CM)
    • Emergency Maintenance.
    • Automated owner and technical plant alert (email/sms)
    • Failure analysis & report generation

Wind O&M Services

  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Scheduled and planned
    • Expenditure is budgeted
  • Corrective Maintenance (repair) [Capital Replacement]
    • Unplanned or condition-based
    • Costs tend to increase over time
    • Must be timely and effective
    • Have sufficient funds available to cover cost of major component repair or replacement
  • Monitoring
  • Site Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Insurance

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